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The PotagerThe garden at Tregoose, which is open to the public, is Alison's first love. She has restored it meticulously over the last twenty years. It contains many rare and interesting plants and shrubs, mature trees and typically Cornish camellias and rhododendrons, including the unmissable 40-foot 'Cornish Red'. There is a sunken, herbaceous walled garden (containing a fine Acacia baileyana purpurea), a croquet lawn available for guests' use, overlooked by a handsome tulip tree and eucryphia, and a kitchen garden potager, which provides flowers for bedrooms and vegetables for dinners.

The Walled GardenThe gulf stream means that Cornwall has a very temperate climate which results in a significantly earlier flowering season. Thus Cornish gardens may be at their peak well before the rest of the country. March and April are fine examples of this and some camellias flower before Christmas.

Between November and March some 70 varieties of snowdrop flower in the garden at Tregoose. Many of these are planted in the woodland garden, along with numerous dwarf daffodil cultivars and erythroniums, where they flourish beneath Monterey pines and cypresses, dracaenas, deciduous azaleas and the white July-scented rhododendron 'Polar Bear'.

The EchiumsOther plants of interest include such rarities as Aloysia citrodora and Libertia Amazing Grace.

In short, there is year round interest and colour.

Alison delights in showing guests around the garden and knows most of the famous Cornish gardens very well and will be happy to recommend those which are at their peak.

Many of the plants growing in the garden are for sale in the nursery.







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